The Bees Are Coming! (Beekeeping at Golden Treasure)

Coming to Golden Treasure next year: bees!

Lisa recently discovered that beekeeping gives her a buzz! After enjoying a workshop, and doing lots of research, she decided to bring some hives to the Golden Treasure Maple Syrup property and try her hand at running an apiary.

The “nucs” (nucleus colonies) are on their way in the spring. They’re basically a beekeeping starter kit; Lisa’s hoping the bees will like their new digs, and will stick around to start providing us with some honey during the coming years.

This project will take a while to find its feet (wings?); eventually we’re hoping to be able to bring tour groups through, and show them our maple syrup process–as well as our happy bee colony. Lisa is busy planning her bee paradise; the biggest challenge is probably keeping the bears away, since they already like to pop by to sample the flowing tree sap in the spring.

Wish us luck; we’re really looking forward to this new experiment!