Maple Sap — You Can Drink It, and It’s Healthy!

Maple SapI’ve just had a  “big birthday” and I’ve decided to make some healthier choices when it comes to my diet. My goal this year is to reduce consuming food and beverages that don’t offer me any health benefits. It’s a no brainer for me to start using more maple sap in my daily fluid intake, and also in my daily cooking. Yes, I will also continue to substitute maple syrup for sugar in my recipes, but incorporating  sap just makes so much sense too.

Maple Sap: Fewer Calories and Less Sugar

First of all, it has fewer calories and less sugar than some other healthy beverages (for example, coconut water). Second, maple sap contains calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium and electrolytes. Maple sap can be used instead of water to make soups, stews, smoothies, teas and coffee, although I would use a French press instead of a coffee machine. It’s also locavore friendly, totally unprocessed, and contains no additives whatsoever.

The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Annual Maple Weekend – First weekend in April

Come visit us on the Maple Weekend during the first weekend of April and sample a beverage made with pure maple sap! We’re all looking forward to the first sap run – we’ll keep you posted!

Check out for details about the festivities!